Some images and thoughts right now.

Spring has arrived on the common. The dance of the wildflowers has begun. One of the first stars is the lovely Cowslip, waving gently in the breezy sunshine. This is the reason I carry my camera everywhere. It's a Canon EOS 100D. When I look back at my old photos, I can see that upgrading my camera has made such a difference. Of course the more I learn about editing, the more I realize what I don't know. Sometimes there's no need to edit at all. Now a days, I only brighten the photo a little and up the contrast. I often don't use a filter, although I used to all the time. It's a light camera and I have a special camera bag, which looks more like a normal bag, and fits my phone and purse in too. So it's always there. I think for blogging that's what you need. Although I could always use my phone, but somehow, it's been about three months since I did that, and that's a strange thought really. But I haven't even thought of  it.  
Of course it helps to have a great subject. I walk my little dog here on the common, almost everyday, unless it's really freezing. She's getting a bit older now, (a nearly eleven and kind of stroppy, Jack Russell type). We have a good long walk up here in the morning, and a little down the lane walk later in the day. Year after year now I have walked up here, watching the seasons change, meeting and greeting the other dogs and their people. Life is good up here, it carries it's own positive vibes, of fresh air and far-reaching views. Truthfully, it's kind of addictive!
Sometimes I find a sunny spot on the slopes, out of the wind and sit and watch the view. I try not to sit on thistles. Occasionally enthusiastic dogs will come hurtling down the slopes chasing a ball, before it's lost down the hill. But a sunny, quiet moment, lying on the ground in the spring sunshine, is magic.

 At home, I caught this shot, as the sun went down and shone it's pinky light across the valley, onto the trees. The cabin is there. The other day I saw my hardy cabin lady wondering around putting little twigs in the ground around the Cowslips, so the guys who mow the grass will see them, and mow around them. The garden is pretty big. I used to mow the grass myself for seven years, and it would take four hours! I have a self-propelled engine mower, sitting in the shed looking forlorn. But then I met two guys who were looking for work, had all the gear, were reasonably priced and could come in and blitz in about 45 minutes. So they are my gardening heroes now. The cabins, there are two, were already here when I arrived. They are probably about fifteen years old now. Not that well insulated, but they have woodburners and character!  At first I thought I would run them as an organic B & B. That was 10 years ago, and apart from the first few months, they have had permanent dwellers in them the whole time. Recently I thought that if one becomes available soon, I might list it as a Airbnb room. I watched the tedx talk of Joe Gebbia, the founder of Airbnb recently. I've never stayed in an Airbnb room myself, I've yet to have that experience, but I had a look through the 200 or so in my local area, which was slightly voyeristic, to say the least, but interesting.
Crafty and creative updates: I have had to do some more visible mending on my jeans...the other leg decided to tear too. I thought I would catch it quick before it ripped all the way across. It's got a patch underneath now as well so it should hold up. I might treat myself to a new pair of jeans soon :-) both pairs I have are now stitched. I kind of live in jeans, so I think I can justify it. Talking of clothes, I recently got out my two bags of summer clothes and find myself having a new dilemma. Seeing them in their see-through bags, all squashed together and old, leaves me feeling as though I might want to give the whole lot away and start again. This puts me in at odds with the whole keep and mend thing and wanting to buy ethically, and needing to feel energetically like I'm starting afresh. Oh and minimalisim. I can see things in there, which never really fitted, or that never really got worn. Little parts of me that didn't really happen, for whatever reason. Some things were just worn to death and perhaps I could let go of them. Sentimental things too, which perhaps I don't need to keep after all. So I have decided to not open them yet and just see what happens, and think about it. Am I really brave enough to just let them go, without opening them. And where and how will I find the new fresh feeling I am looking for? hmmm...
Foodwise, I have discovered Papaya, and that it's very photogenic. I have been making a smoothie, with chopped banana, almond milk and a tiny teaspoon of maple syrup. Yum. But apart from that, I find myself just still wanting to eat warming, really very comforting food. Like baked potatoes, every night. I need to feel full and fed. I'm not sure why, so much right now. I'm not really ready to take on the world of raw and vegan, but I have been watching some things about it.
There has also been some walking by the canal. I feel drawn here now and again to have my dose of boats and water. It's very relaxing to watch the boats chugging up and down.
There has been some pink sunsets.
Some cloud wings appeared.
I found some very pink daises on the lawn.
I enjoyed the sunlight in my messy kitchen. You didn't see that one coming did you!...well I'm not posting on instagram right now...so I have to do it here. The paintwork is a bit tired but it's homely and I like it..
 And last but not least, a pile of wristwarmers, just ready for the.... summer!
I thought I might write a little more about them. They are a new tangent for me in terms of working with a new kind of wool. They were just gorgeous to make and work with. The pattern is a closed shell stitch, which I then had to work out how to crochet them into the round. It worked. I used the gorgeous hand dyed wool made by the Indie wool company Fyberspates. Each ball made two sets of wristwarmers, I'm pleased to say. The colours are incredible and you can read more about them in my Etsy shop, if you so wish.

I have to say that as I have written this blog post, stopped to walk the dog, eat breakfast, make tea, open and close windows, that I have felt everything opening up in my mind that I wanted to talk about. As though it were a concertina of things which were originally squashed down closed and couldn't quite be found, but were there all along. I know I will feel better for having brought them here, in the kind of undefinable way, that things are just better for having done so. Such is the mystery and wonder of blogging. Hurrah for blogging! Have a good week :-)



  1. You have the most beautiful images pf the blogosphere! Thank you very much for posting.

  2. The wrist warmer colors are gorgeous! Love them. Thank you for all the beautiful images.


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